Front Balai Bengong

New Landmark in Ita Thao, Sun Moon Lake
Opened since 2007, it has 101 rooms in total, the biggest hotel in “Ita Thao Commercial Zone” around Sun Moon Lake. Several hundred millions of NT dollars had been invested in it. Its design theme integrates Bali Island and Thao Culture. Its nine-floored building has become a landmark in “Ita Thao, Sun Moon Lake”. Diversified services, ex. accommodations, delicacies, conferences, tour guides, etc. are provided.

By choosing “EINHAN”, you’ve stood on the best balance point between vacation quality and price consideration.

Starry Sky Panorama Terrace
Situated on the 10th floor of the hotel, it looks like a private scenic spot around “Sun Moon Lake”. The natural beauty of lakes and mountains is shown in a panoramic view. If you have the opportunity to take a photo of “visiting here already” here, it will make your blog more wonderful definitely.
Opening Hours: 07:00 - 22:00.

Exclusive Parking
Parking space is scarce around Sun Moon Lake. In “Ita Thao” area, we are the rare hotel that has our own exclusive parking space, which enables you to get rid of the annoyance of searching for a parking lot after you’ve made a long journey.
Shuttle service - At a Fixed Time and Location
Shuttle bus service is provided with charge, for picking up or escorting “at a fixed time and location” between the hotel and “Shueishe Visitors Center”.

From Shueishe Visitors Center to EINHAN, time for departure:  3:00 pm
From EINHAN to Shueishe Visitors Center, time for departure: 11:00am
The bus journey takes about 20 minutes. The bus can accommodate 9 persons.
If you need shuttle bus services, please notify our hotel’s booking personnel when you are booking. Thanks.
If you cannot take the bus on time, please call us. You might miss our shuttle bus and you will need to take other vehicles like lake-surrounding bus or a taxi.

The superior hotel close to Sun Moon Lake Cable Car

From the hotel, walk along the “Ita Thao Lakeside Trail” for approximate 10 minutes, and you will reach Sun Moon Lake Cable Car Station. It (the hotel) is the best choice of accommodation for you to experience Sun Moon Lake Cable Car.