Rooms and Rates Attentions Reservation Information Special Treat
    ☆If you get accommodation on your birthday, you can sing for free for one hour in KTV. (Please show your ID card. Thank you.)

    ☆If you book your reservation on the phone 45 days before your accommodation day and you have finished paying the deposit in advance, we will present you with afternoon tea for one time, according to your room type. The additional afternoon tea ticket should be used from 2:30pm to 5:00pm in the period of afternoon tea time. If you are behind time, we will not prepare anything for you otherwise, and please pardon us for such inconvenience.

    ☆For the distinguished guest who wants to prolong his/her accommodation, he/she will get 10% discount (10% of the list price) of the room price on that day since the second day.
    For example: For “Blue-Moon Double Room”, the price on holidays is NT$ 6000, while the price on weekdays is NT$ 4200. If you check in on Thursday and check out on Monday, the prices will be counted respectively as follows: Thursday (Weekday): 4200; Friday (Weekday): 4200-6000x10%; Saturday (Holiday) 6000-6000x10%; Sunday (Weekday) 4200-6000x10%.

    The foregoing statements of “Special Treat” are not provided during Chinese New Year holidays and not for preferential cases and groups. Please pardon us.