Rooms and Rates Attentions Reservation Information Special Treat
    ☆Room prices including tax and service charges, Breakfasts are provided, according to your room type.

    ☆If the room prices have been adjusted, please refer to the room prices on the scene; we will not notify you otherwise.

    ☆Check-in time is 15:00. Check-out time is 11:00.

    ☆Price Standard for Accommodation: The list price +10% for “Chinese New Year”; list price for “holiday”; 20% discount for “Busy Day”; 30% discount for “Weekday”.

    ☆Definition of Chinese new year holiday: Shown on the scene
     Definition of holiday: Saturday, consecutive holidays (the last day is not including).
     Definition of “Busy Day”: Shown on the scene,it will be a separate notice in the official website.
     Definition of weekdays: Sunday to Friday (non-consecutive holidays).

    ☆Additional Fees for additional person: NT$700/per person, included extra bed and breakfast. For extra bed, we provide a single mattress of 10cm thickness.

    ☆NO PETS ALLOWED , Thank you!